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Sleepers are the railway track superstructure materials laid under the steel rails. Sleepers transmit the loads coming from the rail to the ballast by spreading them over a wider surface, they help determine and protect the clearance of the rail from the ground, and keep the train load on its axis, stable against undesired rotational forces such as lateral movements.

Slab-track concretes are used for ballast less railway lines. Ballast less railway lines are a technique that is frequently used in railway bridge and tunnel crossings. Ballast less superstructures are often preferred due to reasons such as the weight and height of the superstructure being restricted, requiring less maintenance costs, having a longer service life, and being able to use the same infrastructure as road vehicles.

Designed to extremely precise tolerances, DEMA FORMWORK has successfully produced sleeper and slab-track molds for various projects of various specifications and types for years and we are duly waiting for your offer requests for this specialist manufactured product.