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Precast design can only be described as an "ocean" of diverse possibilities. There is almost no limit in terms of design possibilities. From simple wall panels to concrete electrical transformer cabins, to the most complex concrete distribution systems and precast mass production lines, DEMA FORMWORK can assist you in shaping your reinforced concrete to whatever end product you require. DEMA FORMWORK has the knowledge to offer ultimately cost-effective solutions that give you reliable, consitently repeatable results in your castings time after time.

DEMA FORMWORK, is now a major player in the region in the design of precast molds and formwork systems and with continued R&D, specialist welding certifications and growing product range and design capabilities and the continued client trust and support, we have a growing reputation worldwide with a presence on 5 continents. DEMA FORMWORK invites you, our valued customers, to discuss any precast molds or formwork ideas and requirements such as bridge beams (girder), industrial buildings, transformer stations (cabins), sub-stations, vacuum chambers, rail sleepers, jersey barriers, sea defences, stadiums, culverts, slabs, retaining walls, lego concrete, tilting table and similar precast molds through to any specialist designs such as dam spillway/tainter gates and underwater turbine enclosures.