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Offsite Modular home production has become popular around the world and it is used in large or mass housing projects rather than single or small number of house castings. The system, which is used to build fast and economical housing units in a controlled factory environment, is popular especially in Africa and the Middle East and increasing so in Europe where onsite skill shortages are becoming a problem.

The methodology considers each room of the house combined into modules.

In concrete modular house production, monolithic room modules are produced by a single cast in one piece, finished in the factory and delivered to the site. In concrete modular design the production is generally monolithic cast from the top down.

Another modular option that Dema can ably assist with is steel based modular housing. Here component steel columns and beams are produced offsite and assembled at the factory or near site to give the superstructure of the rooms.In steel frame modular design the aim is maximum strength with minimum weight. 

Need help with your offsite modular project? Contact DEMA FORMWORK, we are waiting for you to share ideas and projects,

DEMA can also assist in the design of offsite factory transport systems to move modules from start of the manufacturing process from station to station throughout the manufacturing stages and out into the yard for storage or lifting onto trucks for transportation to project site.