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In today's precast technology, pre-stressing systems are required as the norm for increasing the strength and durability of concrete and to save on reinforcement and concrete volume.

Such systems are the forte of DEMA FORMWORK.

Perforated plates, embedded columns and beams needed for fixed prestressing systems are available in our manufacturing portfolio. Moreover recently, due to logistical costs and/or restraints, companies do not want to manufacture their prestressed elements in a fixed factory environment and prefer to manufacture at site. As such construction sites are turning to mobile pre-tensioning systems along with mobile formwork systems. For our customers who need mobile formwork systems, we design systems called ‘self-tensioning formwork systems’ mounted into the formworks by design. We also design pre-stressing beams, called pressure beams, in steel in self-tensioning formwork systems. Pressure beams combined with perforated plates allow you to take your moulds wherever required and install and disassemble them efficiently and cost effectively.