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Building tunnel formwork, is a recognized Modern  Method of Construction (MMC) and Industrialized Building System (IBS), is it simply proven as the fastest and most economical method to build quality earthquake resistant, apartments, houses, student dormitories, hotels, luxury villa complexes and to deliver social and mass housing projects

The system methodology is simply logical In that the structure of both walls and flooring slabs are cast together in situ as a monoblock (monolithic) construction. This means less labor, less construction steps and results in rapid castings with the possibility of casting upto 500m2 of floor plan each and every day.  Compared to other construction methods this speed of completion is unmatched.

In addition, the tunnel formwork is composed entirely of steel, with the concrete-facing surfaces designed in thick steel plate sheeting, thus providing significant savings in time and cost in follow up finishing plastering/painting thanks to the near-perfect concrete surface. Also the formwork is long lasting with minimum 500 casting and recorded 1200 castings, the formwork can complete many, many projects resulting in unmatched ROI, making it ideal for mass housing projects worldwide

Finally the completed RCC monolithic superstructures are by design structurally superior and proven resistant to high level seismic activity in earthquake zones and perfect for hurricane, tornado and flood areas build zones.

DEMA FORMWORK is proud to offer this unique system and materials to its valued customers and in differentiation from some competitors, we manufacture from the highest quality, long-lasting and proven materials. We offer the Classic Tunnel Formwork used in the past and still today, preserving all its advantages and eliminating its disadvantages with our new tailored design additions allowing casting upto 2 hours earlier each day. This "CLASSIC PLUS", system, is manufactured in two models that you can choose as RAIL or WHEELED models depending on your contractors preference.

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